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One of the oldest, noblest and illustrious families mentioned in the Kingdom of Leon Spain, the du Toict family, alias Del Tecto lived in a feudal castle at Villa Franca del Vierzo Spain.
Their family arms were" de gueules, au calice d'or" . or " Red with a golden calice"

Their descendants continued to have high official responsibilities during centuries, but distinguished themselves particularly in the art of arms.

We were able to receive a copy of the genealogy research of the House of the du Toict written by Joseph de Sorbiers de la Tournasse, director in 1929 of the Heraldic College of France in Paris who researched their origins and descendants.

Garcio Fernandez Del Tecto, man of gentle birth, became governor of the fortified places of the Kingdom of Leon from 1072-1079. He participated with King Alphonso VI of Leon in the siege of Toledo in 1085. This brought the Spanish church into line with the Roman Church

His arms were" de gueules, a la tour d'argent, sur assises d'or, surmontee d'un croissant d'argent".

Translation of the heraldic terms:" Red, with a white tower on golden ???., surmounted by a white crescent".

Fernan Fernandez Del Tecto succeeded his father's tittles and functions during the war against Portugal. He entered later to the services of King Alonzo VII of Castillo and participated to all expeditions and wars against the Moor. Cordoba in 1236 and Seville 1248 were captured in from the Moslem under Ferdinand III of Castille.

Sanchez Fernandez Del Tecto lived in the manor of Castillo and Villa Marin. We can read in a document of 1282 that King Sancho IV of Castille confirms the privileges of 1234 by Ferdinand III of Castillo by which Alonzo VIII conferred to Fernan Fernandez Del Tecto, his hereditary rights on the cities of Plana, Pradel, etc., as well as Alonzo IX de Leon who had then given donation of the cities of Saint-Estebar, Quartela, etc.

One branch of this family went to live in Aragon, and had for family chief Jean Fernandez Del Tecto who was covered with glory in 1385 in the wars against Sardaingna, and died in a battle against the Moors in 1390.

Geronimo Fernandez Del Tecto, his son, had the high responsibility of vice-chancellor of Alphonso V, King of Aragon of the Castillo dynasty.
He married Maria-Anna de Mendoza, daughter of Balthazar de Mendoza, lord of Reville