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Arms of  de Mendoza" de gueules, a la bande de sinople bordee d'or, a la chaine de huit chainons d'argent, posee en orle brochante sur le tout."

They had four children: Maria, Baltazar, Lorenzo and Pierre.

Maria became none in the convent of Santa Clara de Huesca.

Balthazar died at a young age.

Lorenzo and Pierre de Fernandez Del Tecto went to live in Andalusia.
They later abandoned the patronymic of de Fernandez to conserve only the Del Tecto who in reality was a surname.

Ximeno Del Tecto of Gerona, captain to the services of Martin I, King of Aragon, toke part with a lot of knights to the pacification of Sicily, under the army commander Vi-comte de Cabrera.

Jaime Del Tecto was present at the assembly hold in Barcelona in 1515 as ----, his son Marcos Del Tecto was at the services of the emperor Charles of Spain. We don't know the last name of his wife Marguerite but he had two sons: Cristobal and Raymond.

Cristobal Del Tecto became priest (chanoine) of the order of St Jean of Jerusalem, appreciated by King Philippe III, Bishop of the Canaries, left a great number of ouvrages and documents in latin.

Raymond Del Tecto, magistrate of Barcelona, went to the new world of Indies and became regent of the pretoriale assembly of Santa-Fe-de-Bogota. He became the head of the American branche.
Family arms" de gueules, a la tour d'argent sur ondes d'azur et d'argent sous la tour"

The first uninterrupted du Toict, alias Del Tecto starts with Pierre du Toict

  1. Pierre Constantin Del Tecto ca. 1420-1467, called Knight Del Tecto was the first of the name to come from Spain to France. He was an important commander in the army of Charles "le Temeraire", duke of Burgundy.