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                                                Charles Le Temeraire, Duke of Burgundy

Born approximately in the 1420, he came from Spain to France where he toke service in the Army of Charles le Hardi , named " le Temeraire", duke of Burgundy.

Pierre C du Toict won the battle of St Trond the 27 October 1467, and was elevated to the title of Vi-Comte. The title of Vi-Comte was transmittable to the descendants of the family as well to the elderly branch as well to the younger branch and without any distinction of sex or primogeniture. He was wounded and died shortly thereafter.

We do not know the name of his wife.

The family later in the first half of the XV century (1400-1450) came to live in Lille and the church of Saint Etienne and the Flanders (Kortrijk).

This branch of du Toict established in Flanders, who came from Spain was well known from the branch of Ardeche (France) who is confirmed in the patents letters of 1784 and documents of 1787. (see copy)

On February 10th 1784 at the castle of GUIRON, the Comte  de Lavalette, the Comte  de la Cheze, the Vi-Comte  de Vogue and the Baron de Rochefort, noblemen of the province of Vivarais attested in a document that the family du Toict also called Del Tecto, with origin from Spain, and from this province was an old noble family with the nobility title of Vi-Comte, and confirmed the family arms described previously to the Vi-Comte Leopold du Toict, his wife Baroness Louise de Basth du Cugnac and their three children Philippe, Jean and Frederic

It was further confirmed by Louis Antoine de Barruel, esquire of the King, judge in Vivarais, at the Royal Seat of Villeneuve de Berre, that this document came well from the four noblemen cited and signed by him.