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a. Elizabeth du Toict became nun.

2. Henri du Toict became chenoine (priest) at Morbecque France

3. Francois du Toict became chenoine at  Renaix Belgium.

4. Pierre du Toict married Louise Morel.

Arms of the Morel's: "d'argent, a un sautoir ecote de gueules, accompagne de quattre grenades de guerre de sables, enflammeesde gueules et d'or".

Translation of the heraldic terms:" white, with-------, and four black war bombs, with red and gold flames.

5. Antoine du Toict, born the 14 Dec. 1615, became chanoine in Bruges

6. Catherine du Toict, born the 8 Mars 1617, married Emmanuel de Faria, an attorney of great celebrity.

7. Agnes du Toict, born 18 Dec. 1618

8. Marie Madeleaine du Toict married Vincent Veronesy.

9. Isabelle du Toict married Henri Dupont

Jean Baptiste du Toict, see further.

  E. Jean Baptiste du Toict de Trieste, born in Lille June 6th 1621, came established himself in the "Low Lands" and became the leader of this family branch known under de name of  "du Toict de Trieste".
He became deputy mayor and then mayor of Kortrijck.

He married the 29th March 1654 Lady Domitille Elbo or Eelbo, daughter of Jean Elbo, Lord of Trieste, deputy mayor and tax collector of Kortrijk, and Therese de Cottel. .

Jean Baptiste du Toict died the13th February 1675, his wife survived him until the 14th October 1692