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It is interesting to see that 50 years later a de Grijse marries Edmund Le Camus.

Le They had one daughter Marie Constance (1727-1757) who married
Philippe de Sourdeau, Lord Baron of Chin, Ramegies, Lassus, Mameche (  -1775) etc…

Arms of de Sardeau:" d'azur, au croissant d'or, accompagne de trois etoiles du meme.    Devise " Hayne aux vilasins"

Translation of the heraldic trems:" blue, with a goldent crescent, and three stars of the same" Family-----" Hate to villains".
1. Marie du Toict, born and died the 26th August 1763.
2. Therese du Toict, born the 7th January 1705, married Charles Parmentier, counselor and treasurer of the city, became later judge of the imperial domains.
They had two children: 1. Charles and Jeanne.
Charles Parmentier, lawyer, treasurer of the city of Kortrijk,
     4.Guillame du Toict, 1706-1711.
     5.Francoise du Toict, 1709-1709.
     6.Constantin du Toict, 1711-1775, Chanoine (priest) at Kortijk.
     7.Marie du Toict, 1712-   , after dispension from the church married her second degree cousin Pierre du Toict, Lord of Steur, son of Joseph du Toict previously  mentioned.
Guillaume Jacques du Toict: see further
     9.Marie J. du Toict 1716-1783, became the third abbess on Groenighe monastery in Kortijk.
 10. Louis X. du Toict,1718-   , deputy mayor,  married Therese de
                      Levoye in Menin, daughter of Thomas de Levoye, administrator of the  King for this city, and Charlotte Arents.

They had one daughter Marie Therese du Toict 1754-  , who married  Pierre J de Madre 1751-  , noble man, Lord of Belfosse, Tresaurer of Prince de Soubise.
Son of Walerand de Madre, noblemen, and Jeanne Agathe de Lannoy, of an old family of the Flanders.     .
G. Guillaume Jacques du Toict, Lord of Trieste, Alchelghem, Beverewaele, Le Perre, Le Huavac, and other places. Born in Kortijk July 7th 1713, died February 17th 1773. He was counselor and assessor to the governance, judge of the domains of the Empress Marie Therese of Austria, and later Chambellan of the Emperor Joseph II.

He married Jeanne Xaviere Le Monier de Terhamm born Juin1725-1800, daughter of Nicolas Le Monier de Terhamm      -1742, Squire, and Jeanne Cornelie Hotte ( Van Houtte)   -1733. They had seven children:1. Constantin G., 2. Marie Therese, 3.Francois E., 4Marie Jeanne, 5 Marie Domitille, 6 Jean Francois, 7
. Marie Constance.

Nicholas Le Monier de Terhamm was deputy-mayor of the city in 1728-1729.

  1. Constatin Guillaume du Toict Lord of Oijvaernest , started the family branche  du Toict d'Oyvaernest.